Longevity Acupuncture & Apothecary Blog

Longevity means to prolong life. Understanding your health comes from an inner journey that allows the strength and ability to heal yourself. During 2017 this blog will focus on the links between Daoism and healing through sharing in-depth interviews. 

La longevidad es la capacidad de prolongar la vida. La comprensión que un paciente pueda tener acerca de su salud proviene de un recorrido interior que le permita tener la fuerza y la capacidad para curarse a sí mismo. Durante 2017, este blog se centrará en entrevistas y la conexión entre Daoism y la curación.

Interview with Josephine Spilka of Essence Presence

As a student of Josephine Spilka, my first introduction to her teaching was in an essential oil [aromatherapy] class that she offered from a Chinese medicine perspective. Josephine taught many other classes in herbal medicine and was also our clinical director at...

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2017 Topics on Daoism

During the next year of 2017 my goal is to to share one interview a month with somebody who has inspired me in my exploration of Daoism. Some of my influences include teachers, students, colleagues, authors and other people I am sure to meet along the way. I am very...

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